Meet Our Attorneys


With over 50 years of combined experience, Michael Sheridan and Steven Larson of Sheridan Larson Law Firm have assisted thousands with their divorces, child custody issues, estate planning needs, and more. Frequently saving clients many hours, thousands of dollars, stress, pain and unnecessary trips to the courthouse, Mr. Sheridan and Mr. Larson personally answer questions and review and finalize court documents, from beginning to end, before they are filed with, or presented to, the court. Should you need to go before the judge to resolve your case, your attorney will prepare you and give you peace of mind. The stress of “getting it done right” is taken completely off of your shoulders when you have Sheridan Larson Law Firm on your side.

Michael J. Sheridan:

Mr. Sheridan is a frequent lecturer and guest lecturer for a variety of groups, organizations and local colleges. He makes it a priority to give back to the community and is an advocate for the underprivileged.

Practice Areas: Asset Protection, Business Formation, Business Transactions, Commercial Litigation, Conservatorship, Estate Planning, Estate Planning and Probate Litigation, Guardianship, Probate, Trust Administration, Commercial Litigation, Elder Law, and Personal Injury.

Steve K. Larson:

A Valley native, Steve K. Larson remembers when desert, cotton fields and orange groves still covered the area. He has been able to watch as his hometown experienced the massive growth that led to the Phoenix area we know today.

Mr. Larson has practiced Family Law in Arizona for nearly 25 years. He tailors his services to each client’s needs and firmly believes that getting divorced doesn’t have to be an expensive “fight to the finish.”

Practice Areas: Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Guardianships, and Conservatorships.