Guardianships & Conservatorships

In certain cases, it can become necessary to take over custody and property of a person, whether a child or an incapacitated adult, when they are found legally unable to properly manage his or her own affairs. The use of this type of guardianship or conservatorship can mean taking over custody of a child in need or ensuring that an incapacitated adult is safe from acts of fraud or abuse.

In other cases, individuals who feel they have been declared incapacitated or legally unable to manage their own affairs unfairly, must respond to passionate and unfounded accusations in court.

Regardless of which case you find yourself dealing with, having an experienced Arizona Guardianship & Conservatorship attorney on your side that understands the legal standards pertaining to guardianship and conservatorship definitions, will make reaching the desired outcome far more likely. Get in touch to discuss your case with Sheridan Larson Law Firm as soon as possible.